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Boho burro's Story

Who we are....


Making with our hands is our passion. We enjoy the process of creation,
reflected in the final product of our pieces


Welcome to Boho Burro! We are a contemporary crafts & design company creating bohemian interior decor for your home.
Our products are unique, handmade and designed in California

We specialize in macrame art and our designs are authentic one offs ensuring each piece pushes our creativity forward.
We pride ourselves in exploring new design processes, materials and techniques to create the perfect boho style

Take a look at our product selection showcasing our recent projects!

Besides making, our other passion and obsession is home interiors! We are available to work with you on all your interior design
& styling needs to make your dream home become a reality

If you are interested in working with us on custom pieces or interior design & styling projects please contact us below


What we stand for..... 

BOHO BURRO | Handmade crafts & interiors, a bohemian way of life


  • Born in San Francisco, California! Inspired by creativity, art and the bohemian approach to life
  • Each piece is designed and made in our beautiful workspace, lots of light and boho interior styling to keep us inspired!
  • We are always looking to source quality materials and are inspired by local craft suppliers
  • We guarantee to keep pushing our creativity by creating authentic one off pieces for your home, with the highest qualitiy  materials and craftsmanship
  • We create handmade contemporary crafts for your home with CREATIVITY and BOHO in our soul


Boho Burro began in San Francisco, inspired by laid back Californian interior design and the natural beauty of the state.
Weโ€™re influenced by the desert of Joshua tree, where all things are bohemian in style. Inspired by color and texture from the Californian landscape and coasts. Our mantra is to live the bohemian lifestyle, to experience the richness of culture through travel, to inspire our design work.

Two of our greatest loves......

BOHO - A characteristic of the unconventional life of a bohemian
BURRO - as in Spanish for donkey



Mel Jones de Cisneros

Fiber artist, macrame maker, interior stylist, bohemian style lover & keen traveller


Boho Burro's Founder & Creative Designer

I started my professional career as a costume & set designer before moving into luxury fashion retail, designing and styling store environments to create beautiful customer experiences around the world. This took me to countries I could have only ever of dreamt of, and began my long life obsession with travel and culture. I experienced so many rich cultures and became inspired by the bohemian way of life.  I yearned for even more creativity and to go back to working with my hands. An artist at heart, I started to to think about what I could use to create work with my professional skillset, but in a style that I love

I had a real passion to create design work that was close to my styling aesthetic and fell in love with the process of fiber arts, so I decided to teach myself macrame. I love creating for the artistian home, incorporating my travel influences and drawing inspiration from nature, cultures, art and lifestyle. Laid back bohemian interior design is something that brings me joy!  

When I moved to California from London, the beauty and diversity of the natural environment stole my heart.  I draw inspiration directly from the California desert,  Joshua tree; and the Pacific coast, for colors and textures in my designs

My passion apart from creating is the sea, and I can be found scuba diving, swimming or snorkelling when i'm not working. You will often find references to the sea in my design works as well!


Check out my instagram page for the many beautiful things that inspire me in life! 

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